Dirty Girl Gaiters are sold in pairs.   Your order includes one pair of Dirty Girl Gaiters, instructions,  and 16 inches of  sticky-back (self-adhesive) Velcro (hard/hook side only), which is typically enough Velcro for four pairs of shoes. (Each shoe needs approximately 1 to 1.5  inches of Velcro. 

We do NOT sell single individual gaiters.

Dirty Girl Gaiters are  primarily used with trail running shoes and low rise hiking shoes.

They are ultralight, weighing less than 2 ounces per pair (size Large is 1.5 ounces) and ride about 1.5 inches above the ankle bone. This four-way stretch spandex gaiter attaches to the front lace (or Vibram toe-loop) with a hook and to the back of the heel with a Velcro patch (loop/soft side)  and a self-adhesive Velcro strip (hard/hook side). There is no strap that runs underneath the shoe.

They are not waterproof; they are very breathable and dry quickly.

Unlike traditional hiking gaiters, Dirty Girl Gaiters are made of a lightweight spandex fabric similar to fabric used for bathing suits and lightweight running tights. The fabric is very durable, but it will tear if snagged on a sharp object or scraped against a briar or rock. 

Damages caused by rips or tears in the fabric are considered normal wear and tear. If you knock your ankles together with your stride, you will wear holes in them. These holes are considered normal wear and tear. Repeated friction and rubbing against parts of your shoe will wear holes in the fabric. These holes are considered normal wear and tear.

If you expect to be trekking through overgrown vegetation, bushwacking, or coming into contact with sharp objects, please do not purchase them or return them upon receipt in accordance with our return policy.  Please also review our warranty policy before considering your purchase and intended usage.

Extra sticky-back Velcro tape can be purchased at  hardware and home improvement stores, office supply stores, sewing/fabric stores, and retail stores like Target and Walmart. It's usually kept with sewing notions or with products like duct tape.  Or you can purchase it on-line here for $3 per yard (hook side only).


Dirty Girl Gaiters are available in six different sizes based on the size of the SHOE you will be wearing with them. 

Your size selection must be associated with your SHOE SIZE to ensure a proper fit over the body of your shoe.

Each DIRTY GIRL GAITER  size is associated with an upper ankle/calf circumference. approximately 1-1/2 inches  (1.5 inches) above the ankle bone.   The fabric is very stretchy, so there is a wide range of ankle/calf sizes that can be accommodated comfortably. 

However,  If your upper ankle/calf circumference is not within the range of the Dirty Girl Gaiter size,  this product may not be suitable for you.  

Ordering by your upper ankle/calf circumference, regardless of your SHOE size,  WILL NOT RESULT IN A PROPER FIT!  The DIRTY GIRL GAITER will not fit properly over the body of your shoes if you disregard the shoe size when ordering.

We are sorry but we are no longer able to provide custom sizes or customized upper ankle/calf circumferences.   Please don't hate us.    


XyS: Women’s shoe size 6-7; (Calf circumference:  7″ – 9.5″)
SMALL: Women’s shoe size 7.5-9, Men’s shoe size 6- 7.  (Calf circumference: 7.25″- 10″)
MEDIUM: Women’s shoe size  9.5-11, Men’s shoe size 7.5-9.  (Calf circumference: 7.5″-10.25″)
LARGE: Women’s shoe size 11.5-13, Men’s shoe size 9.5-11.  (Calf circumference:  8" -  11.5″)
XyLARGE: Men’s shoe size 11.5-13.  (Calf circumference: 8.5″- 12″)

DANG!: Men’s shoe size 13.5 plus.  (Calf circumference:  9" - 12.5″)



You can wear them with barefoot or minimalist footwear! If you plan to wear these with Vibrams or minimalist type shoes, please consider ordering a size down. Dirty Girl Gaiters are sized to be worn with running shoes. Since Barefoot shoes conform more tightly around the feet, a smaller size is usually a better fit.


Once you submit your order, it cannot be changed or cancelled.    Once you receive it, you can return your order in accordance with our return policy.

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We will also send you a shipment confirmation via an email message with your tracking number when your order ships.

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The charge on your credit card will be to "dirtygaiter"--what you tell your significant other, your insignificant other, or your accountant is your dirty little problem. You have been warned.


Hand washing the Dirty Girls in mild soap and air drying will best prolong the life of the fabric and hardware.   If your Dirty Girl gaiters pattern is embossed with glittery bling, repeated washings will eventually wash off the bling.    If you use a washing machine, please use a lingerie bag so that the hooks do not get caught in the machine.  Hooks that get caught in the washer or dryer will rip the gaiter during the spin or tumble cycle!   These rips are not covered by our warranty.   Drying the hooks will reduce rusting.  The hooks are not stainless steel and can rust over time. 


Dirty Girl Gaiters proudly sponsor events and athletes that promote charitable causes, women's empowerment and health, trails and parks maintenance and protection, youth athletics and outdoor education and search and rescue.      I have filled all of my sponsorships through 2025.


Please contact me if your store is interested in a retail opportunity. Dirty Girl Gaiters are proudly made in the USA by goddesses. They are available on-line and at select retail outlets in the US and Internationally.   

I obtain my fabrics pre-printed from various sources. I do not have a supplier who can custom print fabrics.