Size Matters,Yeah


Dirty Girl Gaiters are available in six different sizes based on the size of the SHOE you will be wearing with them.  Your size selection must be associated with your SHOE SIZE to ensure a proper fit over the body of your shoe.

XySMALL: Women's shoe size 6-7; (Calf circumference:  7" -  9.5")
SMALL: Women's shoe size 7.5-9, Men's shoe size 6- 7.  (Calf circumference: 7.25"- 10")
MEDIUM: Women's shoe size  9.5-11, Men's shoe size 7.5 - 9.  (Calf circumference: 7.5"- 10.25")
LARGE: Women's shoe size 11.5-13, Men's shoe size 9.5-11.  (Calf circumference:  8"- 11.5")
XyLARGE: Men's shoe size 11.5-13.  (Calf circumference: 8.5"- 12")
DANG!: Men's shoe size 13.5 plus.  (Calf circumference: 9"- 12.5")
Each DIRTY GIRL GAITER  size is associated with an upper ankle/calf circumference. approximately 1-1/2 inches  (1.5 inches) above the ankle bone.   The fabric is very stretchy, so there is a wide range of ankle/calf sizes that can be accommodated comfortably.   
However,  If your upper ankle/calf circumference is not within the range of the Dirty Girl Gaiter size, this product may not be suitable for you.  
Ordering by your upper ankle/calf circumference, regardless of your SHOE size,  WILL NOT RESULT IN A PROPER FIT!  The DIRTY GIRL GAITER will not fit properly over the body of your shoes if you disregard the shoe size when ordering.
We are sorry but we are no longer able to provide custom sizes or customized upper ankle/calf circumferences.   Please don’t hate us.



First, select your gaiter size based on the shoe size you will be wearing with your Dirty Girls. Then, check to see if your ankle/calf circumference is within the range associated with that Gaiter size.

DO NOT SELECT YOUR GAITER SIZE BY YOUR ANKLE/CALF CIRCUMFERENCE The critical factor for choosing the correct Gaiter size is your SHOE SIZE.

If your ankle/calf circumference is not within the range associated with your shoe size, the Dirty Girl Gaiter is probably not going to be the right product for you. The diagrams below illustrate the area you will be measuring.



You can wear them with barefoot or minimalist footwear! If you plan to wear these with Vibrams or minimalist type shoes, please consider ordering a size down. Dirty Girl Gaiters are sized to be worn with running shoes. Since Barefoot shoes conform more tightly around the feet, a smaller size is usually a better fit.


Dirty Girl Gaiters were designed to be worn with trail-running shoes or low to mid-ankle hiking boots. They will ride 1.5 to 2 inches maximum above the ankle bone. This chart will show you whether the Dirty Girls will work with your hiking boot.