Warranty Policy

If you are not happy with your Dirty Girls or have any dirty thoughts about your purchase, please contact us and we will do our best to make it right.

 Unlike conventional hiking gaiters that are made of heavier textiles, Dirty Girl Gaiters are made of four-way stretch spandex fabric similar to the fabrics used in bathing suits and lightweight running tights.

The goddesses proudly warranty Dirty Girl Gaiters to be free from manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover fabric failure due to durability issues, damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of the materials over extended time and use.


If you expect to be trekking through overgrown vegetation, bushwacking, or coming into contact with sharp objects, please do not purchase them or return them upon receipt in accordance with our return policy.

This lightweight fabric is very durable, but it will tear if snagged on a sharp object or scraped against a briar or rock.  Damages caused by rips or tears in the fabric are considered normal wear and tear.  If you knock your ankles together with your stride, you will wear holes in them. These holes are considered normal wear and tear.

Repeated friction and rubbing against parts of your shoe will wear holes in the fabric. These holes are considered normal wear and tear and will occur even if you do not come into contact with sharp objects.

Damages to the fabric or hooks by washing machines or dryers are considered improper care and are not covered by our warranty policy. 

Damages caused by wild animals chewing on your Dirty Girls are considered improper care and not covered by our warranty policy.

If you plan to hike hundreds of miles through the wilderness and expect the Dirty Girls to be free of holes during your journey, please do not purchase Dirty Girl Gaiters and consider a diffferent product.  Outdoor Research offers an  infinite guarantee on all their products, including their Surge Gaiter.   The Outdoor Research Surge Gaiter is an infinitely ideal choice for those who wish to receive a brand new replacement product under any circumstances.  

Please contact us for warranty return authorization if you detect a manufacturing defect. 

Please send us any photographs and describe the nature of the manufacturing defect. 

If your return qualifies for a warranty replacement, you must return the defective product.   You must return clean washed gaiters and include your proof of purchase.  Under no circumstances will the goddesses accept returns on soiled, filthy, scummy, stinky, worn product.   That is not nice!

Additionally, if the Dirty Girls are too SeXy for your comfort level, and cause too much attention, frenzy, or commotion on the trails, we cannot be liable for the consequences. You have been warned.